Together is better!

Training together motivates & starts the day off from a place of connection, especially when our lives & or jobs can feel stress filled & often isolating. Emily will adapt to your needs within a group session, all ages & kevels are welcome for training (above 12+)

Mamas are welcome to bring young children but must be responsible at all times for your own. 

What we do!

Session are dynamic & time efficient, consisting of warm-up, stretch, work-out & cool-down stretch. You workout is complete in 30 minutes. Emily likes to mix it up use the environment & vary your workout so that you never get bored & so your body works optimally every time. 

Where we do it!

We are an all weather, all seasons class, Emily offers daily morning sesions on & around the beach's of  Margate, Broadstaires & Ramsgate, on the coast of Kent, England. You will not only improve better fitness, but also a state of 'Blue- Mind' that has now been scientifically proven to give you a sense of calm & relieve stress, all-in-all seting you up for a great day. 

1-2-1 Fitness 

Emily is available for personal training bookings in Margate & the  Thanet, Kent area Monday to Friday as well as Sundays. If you would like to discuss your needs & golas please make contact link below.  

Groups / Events 

If you would like to book Emily for your group or an event please send us an email with your group/event details.

Interested to join?


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