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change your mind Change  your body!


+ Ci7 Reset Educates you to eat right for life & end yo-yo dieting for good.

+ Eat for vitality, wellness & life long health.

+ Understand food that energises & supports your better self.

+ Learn to make & eat food supports focus & balance.

+ Get & maintain a youthful clear glowing skin & a firm fabulous body.


+ Learn how to balance & moderate your choices.

+ Everyday budget friendly foods bought from your supermarket & made easily & quickly in your own kitchen


+ How to navigate eating healthy when you are out & about working away from home & travelling.  


+ Learn to share the goodness at home in your family, to inspire your loved ones without conflict or alienation.

+ Always inclusive of family, social & celebratory occasions so that you never feel deprived or isolated.


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