A one-week facilitated live fully supported online, group program that will guide you to make better choices while nurturing self-care for life. The program teaches you how to feel good in yourself, your body + your skin.

Lifestyle not diet. 

A program designed to educate you to eat right in balance and moderation with everyday foods from your kitchen and navigate maintaining eating well outside your own home.


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Lemon Detox



I loved the Ci7 Cleanse. I felt less bloated, lost a few pounds  I didn't feel deprived of good food because the recipe ideas are varied and brilliant. I've kept eating in a cleanse-esque way even after the official cleanse has finished. Long may it last! Hannah.


Architect Tam. 

The Ci7 is a total reset. I felt fully supported, loved the choice of foods & recipes. I lost weight, am a lot less tired - its absolutely worth it. Do it!


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New to the Ci7 

The cost is £39 all inclusive you will receive a download of the Ci7 Pdf Book to keep as well as 14 days of live 24/7 group coaching to guide you through the program.  

AUTUMN Ci7 14/10/19

Returning to The Ci7 Reset

The cost is £29 for those that have done the Ci7 will receive the seasonal Pdf as well as 14 days of live facilitation & support within the group.  

AUTUMN Ci7 14/10/19

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