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Heart Intent

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

This week I am wearing ... Sacred Cense L O V E

Wearing Love connects me to my heart center, which is where in Indian philosophy the heart energy vortex also known as the heart chakra resides. Connecting with our heart brings us into a place of joy and gratitude this brings us out of incoherence and into coherence. Supporting us to be in a state of homeostasis, the sweet spot for good health and wellbeing.

Our hearts omit a powerful energy that can dictate our future health and certainly our present wellbeing, when we are stressed, upset and triggered our heart becomes incoherent, we feel imbalance, perhaps even unwell, our energy is blocked and we can't seem to function correctly, we are scattered and make poor choices, though this is the effect of chronic stress, the demands of our everyday lives, and the challenges we often face, most of us don't know that this can have serious and adverse long term effects on our wellbeing and health.

We can however with a little consciousness once we recognize our thoughts and feelings as they arise and when we are triggered, bring ourselves back into a balanced state quite quickly and easily by directing our awareness to our heart center with feelings of joy and happiness, this can be a memory or something or someone that makes you feel love, a loved one, a child, a family member, your pet. Bring this feeling of joy to your heart, fill your heart and then your chest with this feeling, allow the feeling to expand outside of your chest and all around your body, you can also extend this feeling to your environment and those in it, come back to your heart center feel a sense of gratitude and peace. This process can happen within seconds and brings you back to coherence so that we feel safe, calm and centered and less likely to react in a way that we may regret.

This does take a little practice and mental will, we are addicted to habitual hard-wired feelings and beliefs that we have developed over our lifetimes and our conditioning that we may not think we need to change, the question then is are you looking to get different results? And if so then doing the same thing won't serve you and as Einstein pointed out is a kind of madness. The above simple practice involves changing the way you think and therefore breaking old synapses and shaping new ones in order to create self-affirming positive habits that enhance your best you.


For the heart of matters.

[4th] Chakra. Wear LOVE to open your heart with forgiveness, compassion & unconditional love.  

Affirmation "I Love"

Green is the colour associated with the Heart Chakra.

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