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International Happiness Day

Today is International Happiness Day. Happiness is a personal thing depending on perspective, however, it turns out everyone wants it, along with money, everyone wants that too, I cant give you money but I can give you some tools & ideas to enhance your 'Happy Factor' even if temporarily.

"The United Nations General Assembly designates a number of "International Days" to mark important aspects of human life and history"


What is happiness to you?

Is it something you feel every day, or occasionally & depending on circumstances, others & how you are feeling?

What if you could choose to be happy?

What if you could take very small actions right now towards happy? Well, I am your happy fairy & I say you can.

If you tell yourself you are sad, depressed, lacking, failed, unhappy & so forth, it is likely you will be, you will also create situations to prove to yourself just how miserable you really are. Add in social media comparison & your just about done!

You may well be sad, depressed, you may have good reason to feel all these feelings, maybe life has dealt you some rough cards lately & you have just had enough!

Maybe with a little happiness magic you could start turning it all around today, I mean step by step, & I don't promise elated euphoria, instead I offer you contemplation of what I have coined 'The Gentle Life' In a world where more is more & better is better, how about enough is plenty & moments are opportunities to tap into your wealth of feel-good feelings & happiness factor.

Here are just some ideas, tips & tools for you to get Happy Now!


Nature is often overlooked, & sadly much abused, yet the most healing giving gift available to all us homo sapiens, wrap up warm & get out in nature whatever the weather, feel it, breathe it, be in it! Nature is an instant tonic for feeling low, feelings of overwhelm, too much online activity, anger, rage, office claustrophobia & blocked energy release.

Blue space.

A term used for being by the ocean, on a beach or simply beside the sea, scientists now confirm that the ions from the ocean affect our mood, seeing the space of horizon & sky affect our brain in a positive way.


Also know as earthing is connecting your body to the earth by standing barefoot or simply sitting or leaning against a tree, this is a very healing activity with all the benefits of nature already mentioned above, the electromagnetics from the earth clear away the dirty energy that we contract from modern day living, because we are connected mainly by online activity through social & work, as well as radio waves in our air. Grounding helps to balance our sensitive body energy & realign us back to health.


We all feel better when we talk to someone, we also realize we are not as alone as we often can think we are. Talking, sharing spending time connecting with other people, in real time, is vital for mental well-being, again our fast-paced lives lead mainly online has given us so much, yet taken so much away, we can find ourselves isolated, connected only by a sense of virtual community that can feel unreal, instead make sure you have a healthy balance, take the time to pick up the phone make that call instead of a text, reach out with the ones you love, it is in our DNA.


Spend 6 to 10 minutes a day freewriting, don't think about it, just free write what you think at that moment, forget spelling, grammar & neat handwriting, just write, release & let it go, you never have, or likely will, read over this, you can keep a special book or just use blank pages that you bin or burn. The idea is that you get it out, which is a way of not only dealing with your stuff yourself but also often answering your own fears & worries. Personally, I like to add this to my morning practice because it starts the day off free from all the stuff we tend to carry around all day with us. Set a timer for 6 to 10 minutes & just write.


Sitting in a quite warm space in your home at a time that suits you, I prefer the mornings before my household wakes, because it is a sacred time of silence before the day gets crazy & sets me up for a good day. Again set a timer for 5 to 10 minutes, sit in a comfortable position on the floor or a chair & focus on your breath with long inhalations & longer exhalations. Each time your mind wonders simply come back to the breath.


I recommend that 3 to 5 times a week you choose a combination of activities/exercise that you enjoy, the movement that gets your heart rate elevated for at least 15 to 20 minutes & is challenging, combine some body weight & strength work. Make exercise a go-to & a constant in your life. Exercise releases natural happy chemicals & makes you feel good about yourself for simply making the effort to do it, gives you more energy in everyday life & gets you results you desire in your physical body. Need support? Send me a message & let's talk one-to-one or join a group personal training (London & Margate UK)

Eat For Happy!

Eating carb heavy, fatty, salty, sugar-laden, processed foods will give you a quick hit & a big low! Indulging in the bad stuff occasionally is one thing, but eating for pure pleasure & energy highs will leave you in a perpetual negative head space & induce negative physical outcomes, clean, vegan, plantbased, raw, eat food that makes you feel good, you know what it is, so whichever camp you are in just make sure its a healthy one! Join the Spring Cleanse in 7 if you need a little helpin this area.

Thinking positive thoughts!

Can seem like impossible when you do not feel in any way shape or form positive, the simplest way to access better healthier happy thoughts is to focus on what you are grateful for in your life if you are stumped to start & feel like there is nothing that you could possibly be grateful for! Then start with the things you take for granted like breathing, walking, nature, your bed, the food that nourishes you, the people you have in your life & so on ... Cultivating an attitude of gratitude takes practice you may as well start now.


Are you really taking any? If you are busy, busy, doing, doing, giving, giving, then you are probably not self-caring. Life is short look after yourself it will stop feelings of resentment rising & you will be a better person to those you love. Whatever self-care is for you do it, simple!

Be Here Now!

The past is gone, the future does not exist, that leaves you with the present. Present is a gift enjoy it! If you struggle with the concept of 'Now' an easy read is 'The Power of Now' By Eckhart Tolle.


If you have secretly started to notice that you complain to yourself & those close to you, more than feel grateful or satisfied with your life, that you criticise more that support others & still feel no satisfaction! It might be time to actively think about helping others less fortunate than you, donate, run, walk, raise, attend charity events, give, contribute time if you don't have cash toward to a local or global cause, that will soon put your life into positive perspective.

Above mentioned are just some of the tools I teach to my clients & groups as well as do myself to maintain a fit well healthy happy life! You can join me on the 07th of April when I will be offering an Open Breakfast Table event at Essence Cuisine in Shoreditch to talk to me in more detail about how you can apply these simple techniques to your life!

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