• Emily Dawson

Loving Becoming You

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

We have all heard that life is a journey, not a destination. We can get caught in the doing, our goals, only to find once achieved, does not mean as much as the struggles and the pains it took to get us here.

Lost in the 'NEXT!' we often forget the importance of celebrating the now, who we are, who we have become, what it took and taken to fully round us into the whole beautiful person we have become.

I propose that you gift yourself with some moments of self- reflection, loving, kind thoughts, positive affirmations and love notes to yourself, whether you are with another, happy or unhappily in a relationship, single and solo, or still looking for that special ONE!

For now where ever you are love who you are, where you are at and all the fullness, presence and grace you have become and are becoming, celebrate yourself, your journey, your life and the love you share with those in your life romantic or not.

Ways in which to celebrate love needn't be grand; in fact, simple is often best, here are some of my favourite things to do.

Get cosy, pour a glass of your favourite wine (not a bottle) and cook a home cooked meal or order pizza, get Netflix ready and make yourself comfortable on the sofa, followed by a hot scented bath, a good book, warm rose milk and an early night.

I appreciate this is not the most revolutionary or culturally stimulating idea you ever heard of, and you may well do this often already, but I know for some, myself included, taking time out, to take time in, to do the simple things, and take simple pleasures, sometimes we just need to give ourselves permission.

We are all on a journey, think how far you have come, the obstacles you have surmounted, the difficulties you have broken through.

Who have you become, and who are you becoming, it's exciting to think you are still and always will be evolving and growing into your best version of you and yet can appreciate where you are at now.

Tell us in the comments below who you have become and want to be more of?

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