• Emily Dawson

Summer Body | Made in Winter

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

As a trainer I hear it a lot, you want to look and feel fit by summer for a holiday, an event, or just so you can wear those yummy summer clothes. This motivation gives you the focus to achieve your goals. However, the problem is I hear it 3 weeks before you are due to take the holiday, attend the event and so on. The trick for long-term results is all season consistency.

But it's winter, it's cold and now its raining!

Like most things in life getting what you want takes time, application, dedication and focus. Exercise, as well as the correct diet that works for you is a simple formula and what it takes to get the physical results you say you want.

Giving up before you start is not an option, you are going to face challanges, it is up to you to break through and work around them, that is why having a trainer to hold you accountable to showing up is worth his/her weight in gold.

Take action now and follow these 3 small steps

1. Set your fit / body goals & your time line by when you want to achieve this.

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3. If you live in Kent in the Thanet & or East London area you can contact Emily at emily@imagineican.com for Personal Training. Alternitively join The GetFit group classes, all seasons on the beach offered every day For prices & booking follow this link SERVICES

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