• Emily Dawson

What's eating you?

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

If I told you-you could change your life by changing your food choices would you believe me, probably not unless you have already done it?

Because I was sick from the age of 18 with all the symptoms of IBS & ME and unable to find a Dr that understood or knew what to do apart from prescribing medicine that may or may not work. I spent many hours in my 20's & 30's, most my incomes on alternative health- practitioners looking to heal the source of my illness, many years of restrictive diets, much research and no longer getting invites to dinner at friends houses.

Little did I realize born out of this long frustrating journey, I developed the Cleanse in 7, a week long on-line, educational, nutritional program that gets you results like vitality, clarity, clear skin and general wellbeing across your life.

We can no longer plead ignorance and use the excuses that we use to consume the things we know are not serving our best health.

How do we know what is not good for us?

You know by the way you feel, and for some, you know that because you may be overweight and or suffering one of the many autoimmune diseases which is affecting more and more people as we move forward into our busy, fast, highly stressed lives.

The food we eat is no longer just about losing weight, though maintaining a healthy weight is vital for good health, yet for some seem impossible, you eat and exercise right, but the weight does not shift, could there be another reason?

The answer is yes there is.

You may be asking these same questions? Why are so many autoimmune diseases becoming more common? Why are we giving our children ADHD medication, why is cancer so rampant, why are we living in fear that Alzheimer's is inevitable?

According to Yuval Noah Harari author of Sapiens, Homo Deus and 21 lessons for the 21 st Century. In a Ted Dialogue, he says: "Statistically you are your own worst enemy. At least, of all the people in the world, you are most likely to be killed by yourself". He points out in his books global statistics show us that the highest rates of human death is not war, or even by violent crime, but obesity and suicide. Yes shockingly true and you may need to read that again!

Which would conclude that we are potentially eating ourselves to death.

The big question is what are we, you and I going to do about this in our own everyday lives, today, for our future, and the future of our kids?

The answer is not a diet but a Lifestyle. It has to become a lifestyle for you so that you easily create simple habits that not only serve you, and your best- life but also inspire those around you by modelling to your children 'monkey see monkey do'.

Gandhi was on the right tip: 'Be the change you want to see in the world'. Start with what you put in your shopping basket and in your mouth.

Learn how you can make this easy and join us on the 25/03/19 for the Spring Ci7

One week of changing the way you think, shop and prepare food for yourself, your family and in this rapidly changing world.

I look forward to inspiring and facilitating your journey.

With big Love Emily

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